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For and of the body, Pulp is building a community of writers, artists, activists, and educators to share their expertise using culturally-responsive pedagogy.

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the project

This was a complex project that definitely tested my limitations. I designed + developed a fully-responsive website with multiple functionalities, including: online school, ecommerce for donations + purchasing online classes, CMS with 300+ articles, authors, teachers and class collections, and a memberships + login + dashboard for the online school.


Principal Designer + Webflow Developer


June 2020-September 2020

Tools Used:

Sketch, Zeplin, Webflow, Memberstacks, Airtable, Zapier, Integromat

The Challenge:

Creating a scalable website that could be managed by the clients, who are not technically savvy.

The Outcome:

Read testimonial:

"My cofounder and I were looking for a designer to help us launch our website, Pulp Magazine, a multimedia publication and online school with a bright, beautiful aesthetic. When we found Rebecca Marion Design, we were thrilled! The site that Bec created for us is gorgeous, completely within the design of our brand, comprehensive, and multi-faceted. She has a real expertise with Webflow, and was able to not only create a project that was actually quite complicated, she was also able to do it in a quick turnaround time--just in time for us to launch this September (2020). I can't recommend her enough—she's expedient, thorough, professional, and really good at making a product that even those with very little technical prowess can handle running on a daily level.”

July Westhale—Co-Founder

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